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Bay Growers has been growing apples in southern Georgian Bay area for generations. We are Ontario’s apple packing facility that handpicks apples for maximum freshness and flavor. We utilize the newest and advanced storage & packing facility in Canada.

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We all know that apples taste great. And there’s an old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away. To have a nutritional & delicious treat, apples are the world widely farmed nutritional super foods that act as your health protectors. To lead a better lifestyle, start eating fresh & local Ontario apples from today.

Our Packing Process

At Bay Growers, our packing and storage facilities have Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage rooms and hi-tech packing lines. We pack all the fresh and healthy apple varieties to maintain freshness, quality and flavor. Our facility includes:

  • Monitoring storage conditions
  • Packing on the daily basis
  • Latest packing equipment
  • Outstanding CA storage

After washing the apples with nylate treated water bath and high-pressure washers, the process of packing starts. The fruit is dried professionally before it reaches the optical sorting and grading equipment. Our packing process includes:

  • Pre-sizing the fruit
  • Composite grading
  • BRC accredited pack house
  • Smart Fresh treated

Bay Growers has the right tools and resources that can increase sales and profits. Our goal is to set up success in the marketplace by delivering a superior quality product with the best packaging options. Our merchandising process includes:

  • Standard & heavy tray pack
  • Display-ready cartons
  • Customized packaging
  • Retail support & merchandise

We can deliver your products seamlessly across the town or across the globe via truck, train or ship. We understand the unique challenges of shipping fresh produce. Our produce hits the market on time and at the peak of freshness. We offer:

  • Transportation support
  • Monitoring of orders
  • Prompt professional service
  • Competitive pricing

How We Do It!

Right From Picking to Packing

Bay Growers Inc. is a grower owned incorporated company with 11 member/owners, all of which are large commercial apple growers. We have a growing area of over 3,000 acres of young orchard in the southern Georgian Bay of Ontario. Our collaboration has allowed us to make a substantial investment in the state-of-the-art storage and packing facility. With a routine of packing treatment, we ensure that you’ll receive tasty & fresh apples.

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