Texture – Firmness
Crisp and firm.

Internal Character
Juicy white flesh, fragrant and fine-grained

Tart and tender. Good balance of sweetness and tartness.

Excellent for snacking and cooking

Facts of Interest
Their size, color (red with splashes of yellow and green), and tart flavor make them just about the perfect apple for the first a morning snack. With it’s medium size and beautiful appearance- shape is very round, has a lot of appeal to kids, making it another good choice for school lunches. Ripens in early August. An early McIntosh type released by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station in 1971, hence the name. This is one of the most successful results from a continuing effort to produce an apple with an earlier ripening date with similar qualities to the McIntosh. Tart and tender, it is an early favorite. Eating quality is quite good. Jersey Mac is a good choice for McIntosh lovers who are getting impatient waiting for the Macs to ripen.