Sustainability Program

Environmental Commitment

Most recently, we embarked on a project to reduce our 
kilowatt demand. We have the capacity to store 18,000 
bins of fruit at our main facility, which calculates to about 
360,000 bushels .The project which began in 2007, included 
an updated Oxystat system, to receive better data, 
replace the PLC with an updated Omron system to better
control the timing, and frequency of compressor and 
evaporator motors. And finally, we installed “power factor” 
correction equipment to better utilize the power coming 
into the plant. The net result….a 40% reduction in demand 
from our previous years average usage. Considering the 
plant is relatively new, we are very proud of this initiative.
As a result, Bay Growers was featured in the Ontario Power 
Authority newsletter (winter 2008) outlining our energy
saving efforts, and ultimately receiving a certificate of
recognition from Peter Love, Ontario’s Chief Energy
Conservation Officer.

We continually are working towards eliminating wooden bins and replacing them with plastic, although plastic bins are manufactured from petroleum, they last much longer, and comply with most food safety programs. We re-cycle all cardboard, and use only re-cycled corrugated cardboard
to package our finished goods.


All cartons carry the FSC certification stamp. FSC is 
internationally recognized as the most rigorous
environmental and social standard for responsible forest
management. The reduction of packaging is ongoing,
with several projects currently being investigated
including, eliminating foam and replacing with a more environmentally friendly or “green” bubble, a new divider with 50% less corrugated, and an exportable one piece
carton. Bay Growers utilize a labour saving pre-sort system for sorting and grading fruit. This system requires a large fluming system that holds over 30,000 gallons of fresh water. This water is treated and filtered as part of the system, and then changed on a schedule to comply with our food safety program. We have a unique, filtering system, consisting of a series of gravel fields to re-introduce this water back to the existing water table. Apples that do not meet quality specifications are sold into the processing industry, even decayed apples are
accumulated and composted with the cooperation of
Browning Ferris Industries.

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