Quality Assurance

Company Commitment

It is our goal at Bay Growers to provide the best quality
and service in the industry. We are continually
committed to improve as a company, always striving to
increase the quality of our apples and expand the value
that we can offer our customers and business partners.
Through dedication to cutting edge farming practices,
use of the best agricultural technology, innovative packing
solutions, and exceptional sales and marketing services,
Bay Growers is determined to continue being an industry
leader and successful family oriented business for
generations to come.
Delivering on expectations
Quality not only refers to class and grade. Quality can also
mean value for money and product supplied to our customers
market specifications. This may include a range of grades,
from high and standard colour, through to low colour,
value pack options. Whatever the grade, size, or variety,
Bay Growers will make sure each carton is presented to a
consistent standard, without variations.

Simply tell us what you want; what your customers expect
and we will supply to your specifications and meet market

Quality Control Experience
  • CA Inspectors
  • Warehouse packing supervisors
  • Packing and shipping quality control
  • CA storage receiving and testing
  • Fruit procurement
  • Harvesting of fruit
  • Hand packing and storage



Maintaining the high quality of Bay Grower apples starts
before the first springtime blossom. We label every row of
trees so we can trace the origins of our apples right back
to the moment they’re picked. Once picked, the apples are
packed in a box with the packer’s identification number for
further tracking. The boxes are then placed in cartons which
receive bar codes indicating the variety, lot, and date of packing.

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