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Bay Growers Inc. is one of the newest storage and packing facilities in 
Canada and the first in eastern North America to utilize a pre-sort
system, which allows us to meet size and color specifications more
readily and efficiently. In 2013 we have fully upgraded to the newest
technology that MOFF has to offer. This along with multiple dedicated
packing lines allow us to re-act very quickly to large and/or late orders.
This system also allows us the luxury of not carrying large inventories
of packed fruit. Bay Growers is a pioneer in the utilization of Smart
Fresh in Canada. Ninety percent of the stored fruit is Smart Fresh
treated, making the finished product crisp and flavorful, with an eye
appealing appearance.

Processes Accurate grading & error-free apple sorting
After traveling through a nylate-treated water bath and under
high-pressure washers, apples enter the pack house. Leaves
are removed, and brushes dry the fruit before it reaches the optical
sorting and grading equipment.
Pre-sizing diverts unwanted fruit and composite grades to separate
lines, while the remaining apples pass through color and infra-red
cameras on multiple lanes. Forty individual photographs of each apple
are evaluated by computer, which then diverts it to tray lines and
rotary dry bin fillers. This technology allows us to pack a combination
of 24 different color types and sizes.
How we handle apples
Each grade is treated with the same care. Apples are placed gently
into bins to avoid bruising.
Once the fruit is trayed and packed into cartons, a robotic arm lifts
and stacks each carton gently onto pallets at the rate of a thousand
cartons per hour.
From here, pallets move to a strapping line capable of straightening,
bracing and strapping 20 pallets per hour. Evenly-stacked and vertical
pallets minimise problems during the loading and delivery process.
Streamlined operations
During the off-season, the pack house undergoes three weeks of
mechanical maintenance and cleaning. This strict maintenance
schedule minimizes the risk of mechanical breakdowns during peak
season. Our BRC-accredited pack house has the capacity to pack
over a million cartons annually.






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