Bay Growers Facilities

State-of-the-Art Packing Facility

Bay Growers is centrally located within 10 kilometers 
of each of our member/owners orchards, allowing for
reduced shipping costs and a reduced carbon footprint.
The storage facility is constructed of heavily insulated
concrete panels, making the building very efficient from
a heat/cold loss standpoint.The fact that there is virtually
no wood in the construction, gives the building a much
longer “shelf life” than traditional apple storages. Our packing facility was the first in Eastern North America
to utilize a pre-sort system, which very recently has been
upgraded to total defect sorting technology, again a first
in eastern North America. This process includes multiple
photo's to pick out even the slightest imperfections on
the fruit we are packing for discerning customers, all done
without being touched by human hands. The fruit then
goes through various pack line systems to be delivered to
our customers following regimented just in time procedure,
to deliver the freshest, best tasting, local, apples possible.

We are a Certified Company

We are a federally inspected plant by CFIA with a RPW
(Registered Produce Warehouse) # 313, which appears
on all our packaging.
We also have a BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food
Safety certificate # GB 84921. BRC qualifies as a GFSI 2010
(global food safety initiative) approved designation which
allows Bay Growers to ship apples anywhere, to anyone
in the world. BRC is only 1 of only a few designations
recognized around the world. We are certified as an
Organic packer and shipper certified by Pro-Cert.
We also under go independent audits by individual
customers on a regular basis.






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